Weekend Baby OOTD…

This is the first of hopefully many Baby OOTDs that I wish to share with you. I’m no baby fashionista but I do love dressing up my Baby Boy. Of course, baby boys don’t need as many accessories as girls but the joy is all the same.

Also, I find I am hardly ever repeating outfit combinations with Baby Z because he is always outgrowing all of his clothes almost every couple of weeks and so brand new outfits are forever coming his way! (Oh how I wish that I was in his position!)

On a different note, it is terribly difficult to get a baby to pose for photos! So excuse the clarity and cropping, but I hope to have mastered the art in the coming weeks (is that even possible?) when I post more of Baby Z’s Outfit of the Day!

Friday OOTD:

We were visiting the Beach and the recently developed area around Burj Al Arab. It is still winter and the breeze gets rather chilly in the evenings so I decided to wrap up Baby Z in his warm leather jacket, with a plain grey cotton shirt inside.

Leather Jacket: Babyshop

Grey Shirt: Mothercare

Blue Jeans: Babyshop

Saturday OOTD:

On Saturday we made our trip to the Grand Sheikh Zayed Mosque in Abu Dhabi (You can read all about that day here) and since the majority of the day would be spent in the car, I decided to dress Baby Z in a comfortable and snug outfit.

His plain green polo shirt is thick enough to keep him warm in Air Conditioned environments, and the waistcoat is a cute little touch to match with his socks.

Waistcoat: H&M

Green Polo Shirt: Mothercare

Blue Jeans: Babyshop

I hope you liked this chatty OOTD. How do you dress up your little ones? Please share your ideas below in the comments section. 


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