I allow my child to watch cartoons…

I had vowed not to. Before I had Baby Z, I would watch mothers feed their tiny tots as they held a phone or tablet and watched their favourite cartoons, and I vowed I would never be that parent.

But now with a wriggling baby boy with the attention span of a gold fish, sometimes things have to give. Now, before you judge me, I absolutely still hold on to the principal of not watching anything during meal times. I am an advocate of family-around-the-dinner-table kind of parenting and stick to that almost every day.

But there are rare occasions. You know those times when you just NEED to get something done, get ready in peace or distract your child whilst he/she is on the brink of a melt down, and at those times I cave in and put on a few nursery rhymes for Baby Z to watch.

I really don’t like it. I try my best to avoid it and use it as a last resort. However, we all know that at times nothing else works like a charm, other than letting your Baby watch a bit of Baby TV.

Due to this guilt that I get whenever I prop up the iPad or an iPhone in front of Baby Z whilst it plays the YouTube video of my choice, I try to have some control over it. Firstly, I ensure that it is educational in some way. I would rather have the Alphabet songs and nursery rhymes play on than Tom and Jerry (because which parent wouldn’t love their child to be singing their ABCs before they can say their own name!) Secondly, I time it. Since I can see how long the video has been playing for, I can control how much time Baby Z watches his nursery rhymes or cartoons.

I could go on with a number of excuses and strategies but I guess what I am trying to say is that I should not feel so guilty about it. I know my boy isn’t addicted to it and allow cartoons in moderation whilst making sure they are suitable for my baby to watch. Hang on… Why am I even explaining myself?!

The biggest reason is that it allows me to get whatever it is I need getting done to be DONE! So please don’t judge me, but sometimes I allow my Baby to watch cartoons…even though I had vowed not to.

What are your thoughts on the topic? Am I the only one who feels so guilty? Let me know in the comments section below!


22 thoughts on “I allow my child to watch cartoons…

  1. I don’t think you should feel guilty about it. A bad exposure is when parents let the kids play the tablet/gadget on their own (without supervision) for long hours. Kids need cartoon; like us; we need movie for fun time. Besides, it’s good that you time the cartoon session and select them yourself. I do let my baby watch cartoon too, the ones which I think educational. There are times for reading books, play time with mummy daddy and Tv time. Let loose and good luck!

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    • Thankyou for the lovely comment! Yh you’re right. I need to consider that there are worse things I could do in regards to allowing Baby Z watch TV, so I should definetely not feel guilty about what I am doing. Thanks for the reminder! 😊


  2. I am the same as you! I try to only use the phone/iPad in ’emergencies’ like when Lizzy won’t leave me alone and I need to cook or something, but I have to admit she does have it sometimes in the morning when she’s woken up a bit too early for my liking! We only let her watch Nursery rhymes too and have blocked those ‘surprise egg’ videos that keep coming up in the suggestions when you’ve searched for Old Macdonald! I don’t feel guilty about it as she enjoys them and we limit it to short periods.

    Thanks for nominating me for the One Lovely Blog Award, here’s my post! http://www.stylishmemories.com/?p=752

    Carolyn xx

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  3. Snap!! Could have written this myself. BabyTV literally saves my sanity in the half an hour before bedtime when Baby B is at her grumpiest! We cuddle up on the sofa together and have some calm time before bath.

    I love how I was so idealistic about parenthood before it happened haha!

    X Becca

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  4. I let my toddler indulge in a little bit of TV as well, usually educational cartoons or even one of my favorite game shows, especially when I need to do something around the house or mommy needs a mental health break. We moms are too hard on ourselves. Perfection is an illusion, but we can certainly do the best we can. 🙂

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  5. A little bit of TV doesn’t cause any harm and allows you a break which has to be a good thing. Both of my children watched cartoons and had no ill effects, in fact my eldest is now off to University studying English Literature, so no worries. As mothers we try so hard to do the best for our children and often we forget ourselves. Enjoy this time it goes by so fast before you know it your children are grown up, and you miss those early years so much. Life changes so fast, there are so many wonderful stages to go through, if only we could bottle those wonderful moments and keep them for all eternity.

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  6. I don’t think you need to feel guilty – most parents do the same. I try and stick to a no screens at the table rule too and restrict how much TV my little ones watch. A little bit of cartoons here and there isn’t too bad and going for educational cartoons means that hopefully you’re helping your little one learn too!

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    • Yh I hope whatever he does watch is only helping him learn for the better… Eventhough those nursery rhymes are starting to drive me insane!! Haha! 😜


  7. Love your honesty here. I have allowed and still permit my son for a few minutes of TV watching but something that is sensible. I must add Baby TV was the only channel he watched after he turned one and I believe it has actually helped him improve his language skill – started talking at young age and since he is 3 now, he has the capability to ask me questions I never thought he’ll ask at this age. Ofcourse, television hasn’t been the only medium, however, I feel it also has a positive role to play against all the argument that there is but surely in moderation.

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    • Thank you for your lovely comment. Its good to know that Baby TV can have some great language effects on the little one and I can only hope Baby Z can pick up a few new skills using all these new technological ways too!


  8. Don’t feel guilty. I did too. I let my baby girl watch some TV as well and I have heard all the horror stories about why kids shouldn’t have any TV time until they’re 2. My mom told me I watched TV when I was my baby’s age and I turned out fine. I love to read and I was even a reading teacher. As long as they aren’t plopped in front of the TV for hours, I say it’s okay in moderation.

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