The luxury that is Date Night! 

Before Baby Z came along, me and hubby would go on endless date nights, trying out new places and yummy cuisines, without any care in the world. Fast forward to now when we have an eleven month old, date nights are something of a luxury.

In fact in the first few months, they were pretty much non existent. Due to living with extended family members, on the rare occasion where its just me, my husband and Baby Z that are out for a meal, I consider this as Date Night!

In the new year, we both agreed to have at least one date night each month, and we both look forward to these very much. This month we decided to keep it low key and head to the local Safeer Mall. There we first enjoyed a lovely creamy hot Chicken and Mushroom soup at Paul. Followed by a spot of shopping and ending with a meal at Applebees Restaurant.

We don’t always plan something extremely lavish, and this may seem like a normal weekend to some, but to us it’s quite a big deal. On date nights, I dress up a little bit more and apply a darker shade of lipstick than normal. The whole point is that we get to enjoy each other’s company and hold hands like a newly married couple. Albeit with a whinging baby who wants to crawl away to other tables. But even that is sometimes entertaining. By the end of the night, I often find myself thanking God for all the blessings and wonderful moments I am able to witness. It is almost like a battery recharge, and I am able to storm through the next month with renewed vigour and love.

Yes, date nights are a luxury in my life, but all the more valuable for it.

When was the last time you went on a Date Night with your spouse? How do you normally spend them? I would love to hear your thoughts! (Ideas for date nights are also welcome!) Feel free to comment below!



20 thoughts on “ The luxury that is Date Night! 

  1. Date nights after baby are very much a luxury :p My daughter is 16 months now and I think the husband and I have gone out without her only about twice or thrice in those 16 months! I don’t mind it though, since we miss her terribly if we leave her behind :p Our one-on-one time is more about the time we have between putting her to bed and going to sleep ourselves. So we’ll watch a movie together, order in maybe, cuddle on the couch, and honestly, I enjoy that much more than ‘going out’ 🙂

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    • I totaly agree! Even those mundane moments in between become so precious once baby is born! Theres so much more happiness in simply cuddling together and lazing around when you are baby free for a few moments!

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  2. Date nights are definitely a bit of a luxury here too but it is nice to have some undisturbed time alone with your other half isn’t it? We’re actually managing to have one tonight as my mum has come to stay and I can’t wait! #twinklytuesday

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  3. Ahh I can totally relate, you really appreciate the few date nights now! We usually have a date night once or twice a month, luckily my mum or mum-in-law alway want to babysit!

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  4. I totally feel you!! After giving birth we just couldn’t get some time off for a date night! Now he is 14 months and Thank god it got much easier! We try to to do something every week even if it’s just a quiet night, watching a movie while cuddling! Ouiam

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  5. We had a ‘date day’ recently when a friend babysat for us. Holding hands, drinking cocktails and going to the cinema was how we filled those four glorious hours.


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  6. My parents just recently came to visit and I cannot believe I didn’t take advantage and go out on the town with my husband! I LOVE date nights! Your date looks just about perfect!

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  7. Oh it’s a glorious thing is date night!
    I had whole night in a hotel recently…The first night out in 5 months!
    I had a two hour nap, a steak and was in bed by 10. Living the dream!!! I am obviously a loser!!

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