Silent Sunday…



29 thoughts on “Silent Sunday…

      • Wow – it must have felt enormous in there. The biggest plane I’ve flown in is an Airbus A340. But that was to St Maarten, which has a pretty impressive airport (or run-up to the runway). Check it out on Youtube.

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      • Whoa that runway experience must have been phenomenal!! Yup the A380 is pretty big! We were lucky enough to sit right at the front, and got a peek into the cockpit!


      • It was totally phenomenal. I’m so glad that I knew about it before we came into land, otherwise I would have been convinced that we were gonna touch down in the water. The biggest plane that lands and takes off from there is the Boeing 747. The pilot has to make sure they touch down at the earliest moment, as the runway is so short. If they wait too long, they’ll run out of space to stop at the other end!

        I’d love to travel on an A380 – they are magnificent! I see them all the time living in southwest London and not too far from Heathrow traffic. Incredible machines. The cockpit must have been out of this world!


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