A Fashion First: Mummy OOTD! 

This is my first ever OOTD post of myself, and therefore a Fashion First! Baby Z has starred in many OOTDs of his own, and I thought it was about time I dabble in the art too! How hard could it be anyway?


Turns out it is much harder than I thought! Instructing your husband photographer whilst striking a demure pose that shows you are as fashionable as you can get can be quite tricky. I initially wanted the photographs to be taken at the venue where we enjoyed dinner to celebrate my sister’s birthday (as seen in the first photograph), but of course Baby Z was an absolute tornado and kept running into the kitchen or pulling table cloths. So it was time for Plan B.


Plan B was to take photos in the safety of my home after returning from the birthday dinner, whilst Baby Z was busy playing. Of course, I underestimated how tired I was by this point. Also the fact that my husband wasn’t taking photos the way I was directing him to seemed to be getting on my very very tired nerves.

After plenty of death stares redirection, he did manage to take a good bunch of photos. But there was a new problem. I realised that I looked AWKWARD. Now, I am normally a great poser. As soon as a camera is whipped up in front of my face, I give my million dollar smile or pull a funny face, whilst pointing my fingers at something in a “cool” manner. I’m not much of a pouter, but if the situation calls for one, then I give that my best shot too! Yet when I was looking back at the photos that my husband took… I mean, what was I thinking posing like that with my hands here and there and … Urgh! I mean, this can’t get any more awkward, can it? Also, in hindsight, I would have liked to pick a prettier backdrop than the one I was posing in front of.

Anyway, like all others on this planet, I cropped and filtered and managed to salvage these pictures that you see now. Perhaps with practice and time my poses will get better (by which I mean that my husband will get better at directing me and taking reasonably good photographs of me).
Anyway, I do absolutely adore this outfit. Below are the details:

Navy Blue Scarf: Marketplace in Istanbul

White Blouse with lace detail: Splash

Floral Silk Skirt: Dragon Mart (picked it up for a bargain!!)

Golden Hand Chain: Splash

Apart from all the glitches, I will perhaps consider doing this again some time, even if it is just to get irritated at my photographer once more!

How comfortable are you with taking photos for your OOTD posts? Any tips and tricks you would like to share? Please do so in the comments section below!

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12 thoughts on “A Fashion First: Mummy OOTD! 

  1. Hi! I have been a model for ten years, and I think there is nothing more frustrating than your other half taking a photo of you for your blog. I actually gt my five year old son to do my photos sometimes as they seem to come out better and he doesn´t work me up into a frenzy! Love your skirt, it´s beautiful ·#MummyMonday

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