6 challenges caused by Walking Babies…

I know, I know I gushed with pride when my baby boy took his first steps (Read my reactions here), and of course I still am over the moon that my little boy is walking and growing up and yadi da. BUT…. thanks to his love for walking there are a few mummy problems that have arisen, and sometimes I wish I could revisit his good old crawling days.

Below are six new parenting challenges that have cropped up since Baby Z began to walk:
1) All he wants to do is WALK! Having found that he can now independently escape any given situation, off he trots. Also the pram has become enemy number one whilst roaming out and about.
2) He wants to walk by HIMSELF. If you try to hold a hand, he will pull out a ninja warrior move and briskly remove said grasping hand.
3) He can fit and manoeuvre himself into the gaps and areas he couldn’t before. This is because he has lost the baby-walker weight. That big chunky thing with wheels meant that his routes could be easily blocked by a few chairs. Now he can get into the tiniest of places in a jiffy, and means that doors now need to be shut (and locked, because he has also learnt that pushing them will make them open! Clever little monkey!)
4) He can move around undetected. This one has to be the most problematic of all! The big chunky walker meant that anyone could hear him running in your direction from a mile away. Now, his little tiny pitter patter of feet are hardly detectable. So even though you left him playing with his toys in the living room, the next time you turn your head, you will in fact find him chewing bin bags in the kitchen!
5) Sitting in the highchair, especially when out for dinner is punishment according to him.  I am hoping this is simply a short-lived phase, but currently he hates sitting on the high chair during dinner. He would rather be scavenging around and under the table by himself than sit in one place and enjoy a meal!
6) Putting on shoes is World War III. As a first time mum, I underestimated the battle that is “Putting on shoes”. You would think it is the most simplest of tasks before you leave to go out, but OH NO it is equivalent to raging a war. This task is impossible with a few entertainment or distraction strategies in place, and even then getting some shoes on feet that wriggle constantly might not be accomplished. Wriggling feet are officially my new worst enemy.

Can you relate to any of these Walking Babies challenges? Do you have any tips to tackle them, or any additions to this list that I might have missed out? Please feel free to share your thoughts in the comments section below. 

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6 thoughts on “6 challenges caused by Walking Babies…

  1. This is so funny! I’m entering this world do on, my daughter has been taking odd steps her and there! I remember with my first that he hated us trying to make him walk where he didn’t want to!! And yes, I remember him wanting to be down all the time!! I reckon this will be me again in a few weeks with my little lady, who is about twice as determined in nature, wish me luck!! X

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