Family Photo shoot at The Studio Dubai…

studio dubai logo

We have a TON of photographss of Baby Z. More than a zillion. We are always clicking away, capturing little snippets and cheeky grins of Baby Z on camera. However, photos including all three of us (Mr Z, Baby Z and I) are few and far between. That is why when The Studio Dubai were kind enough to offer us a family photo shoot, I was ecstatic.

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A belated Anniversary and OOTN…

On Tuesday evening, Mr Z, Baby Z and I headed off to a belated anniversary meal at Al Waha, Taj Palace Hotel (now renamed Jood Palace Hotel). Below, I share with you a few photographs of the wonderful night that we had. Al Waha restaurant was hosting a sea food night on that particular day, and my husband booked it in the hope that there would still be some chicken or beef being served, since he is not too keen on sea food. There wasn’t of course.

I, on the other hand, a lover of seafood, was in absolute heaven.

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A Thank You Letter to my Masseuse…

I was lucky enough to be gifted a massage treatment at a Spa in Dubai for my birthday, thanks to my sister and brother in law. It’s the one named “On the Go Spa Ladies Salon”, located in Business Bay, Dubai, UAE. I don’t normally go for massages(they are quite the luxury, especially being a mother), and having only experienced a handful, I did notice a few things that were done just right by the masseuse that I visited yesterday. Though I mentioned my gratitude to her by saying Thanks, these are the unspoken words of thanks that should also have been brought to her attention, as well as all others that do their job just right.

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Launching Local Flair…

Mummy On My Mind is launching a new feature on the blog. It is called “Local Flair”!

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Iftar at Times of Arabia…

Baby Z and I outside Dubai Mall, overlooking the Dubai Fountain.

Last week, we headed off to Times of Arabia in Dubai Mall for a Lebanese Iftar. My husband, Baby Z and I stepped into an abnormally quiet Downtown Dubai, due to it being Ramadan. I don’t think I have ever seen Dubai Mall to be this empty, but it allowed us to get plenty of photographs without waiting for tourists to rush by. We headed in to take shade from the grueling summer heat and walked past all the restaurants that were waiting to open after Iftar, with their food items tucked away behind curtains and covers. We made the obligatory stop at the aquarium so that Baby Z could watch the sea life excitedly, before heading into The Souk, where Times of Arabia is located.

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Staycation at Al Hamra Palace Beach Resort

Last weekend, the husband, Baby Z and I left for a 2 night staycation at Al Hamra Resort in Ras Al Khaimah. Upon arrival and after sipping our welcome drinks, we were told that we had been upgraded from the Al Hamra chalets to a suite in Al Hamra Palace Beach Resort. We couldn’t be more excited!

Al Hamra Palace Beach Resort was simply gorgeous, and every bit as regal as the name suggested. Their service was exceptional and we left feeling spoilt and relaxed and with family memories that will be cherished for many years to come.

Al Hamra Palace Beach Resort Entrance, Ras Al Khaimah

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Zuccero Cakery in Ajman,UAE : Review

If you haven’t already guessed, I have a terrible sweet tooth, I am a sucker for desserts and always on the look out for sweet edible things! Since discovering this little cakery in Ajman, it has become a ritual to devour their little cupcakes whenever I am in the nearby vicinity! If my husband happens to have visited Ajman, then he is pretty much banned from entering the house without a goody bag of cupcakes from this little piece of heaven!

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