Zuccero Cakery in Ajman,UAE : Review

If you haven’t already guessed, I have a terrible sweet tooth, I am a sucker for desserts and always on the look out for sweet edible things! Since discovering this little cakery in Ajman, it has become a ritual to devour their little cupcakes whenever I am in the nearby vicinity! If my husband happens to have visited Ajman, then he is pretty much banned from entering the house without a goody bag of cupcakes from this little piece of heaven!

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A Day Out in Sharjah..

Last Saturday, we took a short tour of Sharjah as one of my sister’s friend had come to visit from England. I took a few photos, which I thought I would share with you all.

We set out in the afternoon and first went to Qanat al- Qasba (where I forgot to take photos of course because I was far too busy drinking water every few minutes due to the scorching heat!). We then headed off to Al Majaz Waterfront, a beautiful lush area, with restaurants and spectacular dancing water fountain.

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