Baby Z’s First Flight experience…

The time had come. The time for Baby Z to embark on his first flight abroad. Out of the place he knew to be home, Dubai, and into a closed cabin of cool temperature and strangers who would become support systems, where he was essentially locked into for the duration of a 7 hour plane journey. Oh the excitement was just unreal!

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My Sunday Photo 13/09/15… 



Weaning my breastfed baby: We did it!

Dear Baby Z,

It has been a few weeks since we started night weaning you, and oh boy what a challenging few nights we had at the start. You are now completely weaned off breast milk, and what a journey it has been. Continue reading


My Sunday Photo… 23/08/15



A Letter to my Future Self on my Birthday…

It is my 23rd Birthday today (Whoop whoop!), and since I started blogging a couple of months ago, I thought it would be a great idea to capture the place I am at in my life right now, in the form of a letter, and address it to myself ten years on. So here goes!

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Things I said Alhumdulillah for in July 2015…

 Alhumdulillah means “All Praise is due to God” and are the words uttered by a Muslim when he/she is expressing gratitude to Allah. I find myself saying this numerous times a day and this post is a collection of moments when I have said Alhumdulillah during the past month. 

Things I said Alhumdulillah for in July:
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The Top 7 Rivals of my Sleeping Toddler:

If you’re a parent, you will know that nap times are the holy grail of a parent’s sanity. It is a time, whether it be an hour or four, when you can function as an individual in whatever way you wish. Just imagine! A truly treasured time, which can be short lived if any of these rivals decide to show up, and my oh my what horrors they are for parents is simply indescribable. Continue reading