As if Time has stood still…

It has been just over a week since I returned back to England for my month long vacation after two years of being an expat in Dubai, and in so many ways, it is as if time has stood still. Returning back to Leicester, everything looks almost very much the same as it was when I had said good-bye two years ago.

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The little things I miss about Leicester…

Last week I came across this article in the Leicester Mercury, by Raegan Oates, about the strange things she misses about Leicester, now that she has moved to Bulgaria. I could really relate to it, and I must admit I have been thinking of quite a few things I miss about Leicester too since my visit to England is in less than a week! Oh and if you haven’t already guessed, Leicester is indeed my hometown in England. 

So below I share with you 11 things that I miss about being back home in Leicester,all of which I am very excited to relive soon!!

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Local Flair Issue 1: The Arab Doll Project

To kick start the new feature, Local Flair, on my blog, I caught up with the lovely Katie from The Arab Doll Project, telling me all about how she has made her love for sewing into a little business, whilst balancing family life and settling into Fujairah. Katie also offers the service of custom orders for her Arab Dolls, and it was an absolute pleasure meeting her.

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10 Things I’m grateful for in Dubai…

Today marks two years since moving to Dubai, to build a life with my family here. In the last two years I have experienced many new things that are supposedly the norm in Dubai, but were quite the luxury back home in England. Below is a list of ten things in Dubai which I am very grateful for: Continue reading


Father’s Day Letterbox Cake: Baker Days Review 

Being an expat living in Dubai, and having family that live thousands of miles away back in England, means that usually any family occasion calls for flowers or chocolates ordered online. However, I think I have found a new expat tradition to befall on all family occasions from now! The Letterbox cake from Baker Days!

Baker Days are a company that specialize in cakes for pretty much any occasion under the sun (just have a look at their website!). They also offer cupcakes, and have very recently ventured on to the new concept of selling the Letterbox Cake!

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First Birthday Celebrations: Part 1

Yesterday, the family and I celebrated Baby Z’s first year in this world with two cakes, a lovely Italian meal and plenty of smiles and laughter (along with a little whinging from Baby Z of course!). This is only Part 1 of Baby Z’s first birthday celebrations as this is the “Home Affair”, whilst the birthday party is being held over the weekend at our house, and I shall be blogging about that too in Part 2!

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If my son was born in England…


Since being an Expat in Dubai and delving into the community of blogging that is mainly British, I have come across quite a few differences in the way that I think me and my son would have experienced life had he been born in England. Below Is my list of 12 things of “If my son was born in England…”:

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