Baby Z’s First Flight experience…

The time had come. The time for Baby Z to embark on his first flight abroad. Out of the place he knew to be home, Dubai, and into a closed cabin of cool temperature and strangers who would become support systems, where he was essentially locked into for the duration of a 7 hour plane journey. Oh the excitement was just unreal!

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OOTD for a Toddler flying for the first time…

Saturday morning myself, Mr Z and Baby Z set off on our long journey from Dubai to England, for our month long vacation. There was a mixture of excitement and nerves, as was to be expected, since it was Baby Z’s first ever flight of his lifetime! Eeek! Below I share with you what we wore for the 7 hour long plane journey!

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My Breastfeeding Journey…

It was pretty straight forward. The decision to breastfeed. Not the actual breastfeeding! As soon as I found out I was pregnant, I knew that I would be breastfeeding the baby. It’s pretty much the norm in the Indian culture, and I grew up with women around me who all breastfed their babies, including my mother. I thought (and read) it to be the most natural process, yet the more I looked into breastfeeding, I found there are instances when it gets pretty difficult. I couldn’t believe this. I mean all the ladies I have seen seem to make it look so easy. Just pop your baby on and let it suckle right? …. Wrong.

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